Personal Loan Range Amount SGD $500 to $50,000
Monthly Installment of up to 36 months period available for low income group

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Borrowers have to be at least 18 years of age and above
  • Valid NRIC
  • Valid Passport
  • Recent 1 months of your payslip
  • Proof of income such as CPF Contribution
  • Any Billing Proof (Any bills with your residential address indicated)

Will my bad credit history affect the loan application?

We will look at your current credit situation and repayment ability rather than your credit history. We do offer loans to un-discharged bankrupts on a case to case basis.

Personal loans should be strongly considered as a last resort if you have already exhausted all means of borrowing money from the people around you, such as borrowing from your relatives or family members and friends.

If you want to keep this matter as discreet as possible, you should look out for a Private Money Lender Singapore that is highly reputable and has a fair bit of good customer reviews. Only take out a loan that you know you are capable of repaying as there will be interests involved.

The amount of time taken for your loans to be processed is so much faster as compared to banks. Do take into consideration how you would like to schedule the repayment as interest rates are inclusive hence a longer repayment period would result in paying more overall.

Taking out a Cash Loan Singapore Low Interest with a legitimate lender is hassle free so you need not worry that it is a scam or there are any hidden fees behind the contract. EC Credit will be here to help and provide you the security you need, as we offer the Lowest Interest Rate Personal Loan Singapore to the public.