Business Loan Range Amount SGD $5000 to $200,000
Limited Liability Company & Sole Proprietorship financial assistance Short & Long Term

Mandatory Requirements & Eligibility

  • Must be a Singapore-Registered Business
  • Copy of Acra BizFile
  • Company’s Financial statement from the previous financial year (If Any)
  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment
  • Company’s last 3 months bank account statement
  • Supporting documents of company’s income proof

Will existing personal loan or company bank loan affect the application?

Applying for a business loan means that your company is fronting and applying a loan with our company, we will not take in consideration should you have any personal loans with other licensed money lender neither will any bank loans that you have with any banks affect your business loan application.

Cash flow is one common challenge that many business owners face today. Promising startups that are lucky not only get to survive this ordeal, but it keeps their business growing at a faster and better rate, while some who are not fortunate enough will not get the luxury to take their business to the next level and wind up end of the day.

Working Capital Loan Singapore are suitable for business owners that needs financial funding on a short-term basis, for instance to bridge across till invoices are being cleared, or payments are being made from clients. Startups that are doing well should not disappoint their customers with terms such as “sold out” or “out of stock” hence, cash flow is crucial to always keep the business going.

Likewise, for long-term business loans, those that are looking to expand their businesses by either opening another office or additional outlets can opt for a longer repayment option so as to not affect their businesses. The time frame can range anywhere from above 1 year of repayment with interest.

Here at EC Credit, with the relevant documents provided, you will be able to get your loan in no time. With minimum waiting time, business owners need not go through the long, arduous process of countless approvals that is time consuming from local banks.

EC Credit wants to bridge and tighten the gap, making the procedure as seamless as possible so that the business will be undisrupted and you can continue your regular operation day to day.