Personal Loan

Personal Loan Range Amount SGD $500 to $50,000.
Monthly Installment of up to 36 months period available for low income group.

Foreigner Loan

Foreigner Loan Range Amount SGD $300 to $30,000.
Work Permit, Special & Employment Pass Holders domestic helpers all are welcome.

Business Loan

Business Loan Range Amount SGD $5000 to $200,000.
Limited Liability Company & Sole Proprietorship financial assistance Short & Long Term.

Why Choose EC Credit PTE LTD.

EC Credit PTE LTD has been in business for many years in Singapore. We are one of the top money lenders in the industry here. We change the way you borrow.

You can get your cash easily and quickly. Banks often have lengthy application and approval steps, and it may take several weeks before your loan is approved. With a simple application process and proof of identification, EC Credit aim to get you the money you need within the shortest time possible.

We can help you improve your debt profile by helping you to consolidate your debt and funding a single payment. Rather than dealing with 5-8 companies, we offer you a single loan to settle all your debts so you are left with a single payment to make each month. This can greatly improve your credit score.

EC Credit’s Core Mission

Offering licensed money lending services in Singapore for many years, we have honed down our skill to a tee, and our top priority is to be able to give you fast and efficient service regardless of your emergency or needs.

Whether you need to fix your car, settle a small medical bill, pay for school or just take care of bills before they are overdue, our loans packages are available to give you the solutions you are looking for.

What our satisfied customers say about us~

Thanks to EC Credit, I was able to secure quick funds to help pay off my monthly utilities bills and house rentals as I was having a personal emergency and there wasn’t enough cash to help settle those bills. The customer service rep was very responsive and very courteous. They explained clearly the terms of the loans and how the repayment schemes works. Definitely will come back and peruse their services in the future again. Thanks EC Credit!

Ms Vera Wang

Me and my then girlfriend (now wife) was planning for our wedding and we needed a small amount to fund our wedding banquet, and so we called up EC Credit PTE LTD to inquire on their loan packages. We were surprised at how helpful the customer service rep was and how detailed they were at explaining and answering every single questions we have with regards to the loan we needed. In the end everything worked out well, we applied after talking to them and we got our funds pretty quickly and we got on with our wedding and there wasn’t any problems at all. Thumbs up to EC Credit for providing such efficient service! Thanks!

Mr Adrian Chew